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Structural Calculations


Our structural engineer begins to involve at the Building control drawing stage to carry out the structural calculations for the the. From a straightforward project (Loft conversion and extension) to a larger scope of works (new build flats/developments) a structural engineer is required.
Our focus is developing structural systems for buildings of all sizes and complexities for architectural projects. We are known for our innovative, effective solutions for challenging structures and sites and for delivering successfully even when it seems impossible. 


Our inhouse Structural engineers have experience of designing structures using steel, concrete, glass, timber and aluminium, they are aware of market conditions and advice on the appropriate design of a particular project. The structural engineer is most concerned with the foundations, walls, columns, beams and roof to ensure its stability. The structure will form the skeleton and the base of the extension/new build so is vital that structural calculations are made, and correctly, to avoid any problems throughout the life of the building

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